Elegant white bridal bouquetWhen I look back on my wedding day, there are many thoughts that come to mind. When I think of the flowers on that special day, I think of nothing but perfection. Becky spent a lot of time really hearing what I wanted for my wedding flowers and managed to make my foggy vision a reality. I gave her very few pictures for inspiration, and yet she went above and beyond and helped to create the perfect atmosphere at my ceremony and reception through her floral arrangements. Throughout the whole process I was so amazed at her knowledge of various flowers and greenery, and she used that knowledge to put me at ease. I cannot fully express how impressed I was (and am) with Becky’s floral knowledge and expertise, but perhaps this anecdote will help. 2014-05-24 20.27.59There was a very specific (and intricate) design that I desired for my head table centerpiece. I showed Becky the picture, and she assured me that she would make it happen. The day before the wedding, she spent hours putting together the centerpiece, and when she was finished I was floored at how perfectly it turned out. However, hours later, we received a call that due to an accident, the centerpiece had fallen apart. Becky didn’t even waste a moment before assuring me that she would have it fixed and perfect before the wedding. She awoke early the next morning before the ceremony and spent another hour or more creating a whole new centerpiece, just as perfect as the first one, and she even added stabilizing aspects so that it would last the whole day. I am so grateful that I had her to do my flowers.

Shelby W, Bride